Base de vélo TWIST
Base de vélo TWIST
Base de vélo TWIST
Base de vélo TWIST
Base de vélo TWIST


Base de vélo TWIST

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Le support de bouteille magnétique se fixe facilement à l'aide de deux vis sur tous les filetages de montage de vélo classiques.

    Bouteilles TORSADÉES

    Hydratation perfectionnée

    Base de vélo TWIST

    Notre système innovant de bouteille et de base TWIST vous fournit le kit complet pour monter votre nouveau système d'hydratation Fidlock qui changera votre vie n'importe où. Disponible en plusieurs tailles de bouteilles, trouvez l'ajustement parfait pour votre vélo à l'aide de notre page de comparaison de bouteilles et de modèles d'ajustement.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews

    I ended up ordering the wrong base, needed the one that has the straps. So the bike U was putting it in did not have the holes for it. It's all good, with my engineering brain 😜 I used some heavy duty double sided 3m tape and it seems to be holding the base on just fine.

    Eddie Hernandez
    Fidlock is the best!

    Honestly best product ever I am trying to add them to all my bikes and my girlfriends bike as well. I recommend this to all of my friends. Thank you guys for everything

    Hey Eddie,

    We really appreciate the support and are happy to hear that you and your girlfriend have enjoyed the product so much.

    Keep an eye out for new stuff coming soon!

    Greg Rajkovic
    Amazing, Innovative and Clean

    Fidlock delivered a solution to a problem that I didn't realize existed. I often rode without water bottles based on the simple fact that I never used them often because their positioning is inconvenient. I find myself asking "which way to I remove this" based on which bike I am on, and find myself "cramming" them into the cages if I am done taking a drink while riding. For shorter trips, like around town to the gym or for shopping errands, having water bottles with is unnecessary for me. This solution gives a very clean look to the bike in the instances where I do not need a water bottle, and offers a very convenient way to remove and reattach bottles when I do. I have adopted this system for four bikes I use on the road. It's just perfect.

    All of the reviews and personal stories I have heard about Fidlock have been true. This is worth the investment if you want water bottle accessibility perfection and place value on having a clean-looking bike.

    Hey Greg,

    We love to hear stories like this!

    We strive to make sure that we are providing value to all of our users and fixing any problems they may encounter outdoors. If you have the chance, feel free to send over your address to and we would love to get you a free T-Shirt!

    Broc Miramontes
    Screws too long

    I own a bunch of dislike Twists for a fleet of bikes. The mount screws are too long for many of my bikes and I have had a hard time finding replacements.

    Necessity if you have more than one bike!

    It's great Fidlock offers the base plates for sale separately. When I got a second bike, I grabbed 2 so that I could use my existing bottles without having to get out tools! The mounts are a little more expensive than a regular bottle mount, but it's worth it for the clean look and ultra strong hold!

    Also, very small likelihood of the mount breaking...

    Ed, thank you for the kind words and superb review. Reviews mean the world to us, just like our customers.



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