Tapa de repuesto de lujo (450/590/800)


Tapa de repuesto de lujo (450/590/800)

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Todas las botellas envejecen, al igual que sus tapas; ni siquiera las botellas TWIST son mágicas. Si la botella vieja todavía está bien, pero la tapa está gastada, masticada o comienza a gotear, simplemente reemplácela con la tapa adecuada para la botella TWIST 590.

Botellas de giro

El arte de la hidratación

Tapa de repuesto de lujo.

¿Perdiste una gorra en el camino? ¿Estás harto de bocanadas de polvo al tomar el primer sorbo? No tires esa botella a la basura todavía, nuestras piezas de repuesto te mantendrán en marcha. Tapas, piezas y accesorios originales para botellas de agua Fidlock.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Dinin

The DELUXE REPLACEMENT BOTTLE CAP works great for me and it fits many different bottles. No leaks and fits tightly. Would love to see a valve in the next version to prevent liquid from spraying. Very pleased with my purchase and the quality is excellent.

Dean Dalton
Replacement cap

As my only water bottle location available is under the down tube my water bottle is totally exposed to the dirt. This cap keeps the spout clean and ready for use. Simple and effective.

Andy Robertson
No more dirt in my drink!

This does exactly what it's supposed to, despite riding in dust, mud, and other conditions that leave the bottle exterior filthy the actual part you drink from stays perfectly clean!

Why not allow this cap on ALL bottles?

I realize Fidlock, like many companies, make you buy more than you want (can't just buy the mount piece that attaches to the bottle alone), but this just makes no sense. Why are some bottles tops able to be protected by a cover piece but not all? Make this cap for all bottle sizes, c'mon now

Hi Phil,
Thanks for taking the time to publish a review and I am sorry to hear you're disappointed. In case you do need the bottle connector individually, we do offer that separately. Regarding the bottle caps compatibility, I understand your frustration. We use multiple manufacturing partners and unfortunately they don't share thread patterns so we cannot make all caps compatible with all bottles. However, we do understand this is disappointing and are working towards more and more cross-compatibility going forward.

Jeff Emrich

It's a good design that works. Only four stars bc it's expensive.


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