Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta


Bidón TWIST 590 + base bicicleta

Precio de venta$49.99
SKU: 09636-001032(TBL)

La botella TWIST 590 viene en un nuevo diseño con una tecnología de conexión mejorada que proporciona una sujeción fuerte en cada viaje: nunca más perderás una botella. El diseño ergonómico es compatible con marcos más grandes, lo que hace que sacar y colocar la botella en la base TWIST sea aún más fácil.

La tapa de la botella tiene una válvula de alto flujo que es autosellante, a prueba de fugas y viene con una cubierta contra suciedad opcional, para que la boquilla permanezca limpia en el camino.

La botella TWIST 590 sigue siendo compatible con todas las bases TWIST y el conector, por lo que actualizar su botella puede ser fácil en todo momento.

Incluye la base de bicicleta TWIST para montar en los accesorios para soldar estándar.

¿Quieres saber cómo encajará en tu bicicleta? Utilice nuestra plantilla de ajuste de botella para descubrirlo.

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        Bidón TWIST 590 + Base Bicicleta

        Nuestro innovador sistema TWIST Bottle + Base le proporciona el kit completo para montar su nuevo sistema de hidratación Fidlock que le cambiará la vida en cualquier lugar. Disponible en varios tamaños de botellas, encuentre el ajuste perfecto para su bicicleta utilizando nuestra página de comparación de botellas y plantillas de ajuste.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 55 reviews
        Paul D
        First class

        Awesome products from a great company. Highly recommended.

        Kenneth Chac
        Awesome Bottle with 1 issue

        The good news is that this bottle stays on great while riding trails and the bottle didn't affect the flavor of the water.
        The bad news is the bottle fell off my bike while on my bike rack and driving. The bottle did survive getting run over by a car but I ended up losing the cap somewhere and the magnetic bottle mount is cracked.
        I bought a replacement bottle was able to transfer the mount to the new bottle and it seems to be good so far..... No more leaving it on the bike when driving.

        Kenneth, sorry to hear about the missing man on the drive home. Thanks for supporting us. We appreciate it, and feel free to tag us in your social media to promote! Fidlock_Us

        Joel Calloway
        Just bad

        I’m not sure if I got a lemon, but I cannot mirror these good reviews. My bottle feels so insecure when clipped that it’s unusable. It shakes from side to side empty or full. Cool design and idea, but it just won’t work for me. Of note, I hate leaving bad reviews…

        Joel, we hate to hear you are having issues. Can you send images or video to support at fidlock dot us? I would like to see the connection to the bike, and then the connection to the bottle. You used our screws correct? We will make this right.

        Look no further…Fantastic Water Bottle!

        Incredibly secure and low profile fit make this water bottle a no brainer. Ran down one of the most technical mtb trails I’ve ever been on and had zero rattling or drops.

        Joel, your review makes us secure in our relationship. Just don't tell your significant other.Thanks for the kind words!

        Great bottle system

        Easy to install. Works perfectly in my small bike frame. I really like how easy it is to remove the bottle and yet it feels secure when clicked in. I like that the bottle has a cap on the mouth piece to protect it form dust.

        Rebecca, you are part of our click 'clique' for life! Thanks for your kind words and review.


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