Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta


Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta

Precio de venta$49.99
SKU: 09653-P01032(BLK)

La botella TWIST con su gran capacidad de 800 ml fue diseñada para esos recorridos extralargos. Tiene un material suave, fácil de apretar y sujeción ultra segura con una tecnología flexible y resistente solo con cinturón, que se adhiere a un conector especial. La botella grande TWIST 800 sigue siendo compatible con todas las bases TWIST.

La tapa está equipada con una válvula autosellante y a prueba de fugas y una cubierta antipolvo opcional.
Este artículo incluye el conector magnético de la botella pero NO incluye la base de la bicicleta. Necesitará una base correspondiente para utilizar este artículo.

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    Bidón TWIST 800 + Base Bicicleta

    Nuestro innovador sistema TWIST Bottle + Base le proporciona el kit completo para montar su nuevo sistema de hidratación Fidlock que le cambiará la vida en cualquier lugar. Disponible en varios tamaños de botellas, encuentre el ajuste perfecto para su bicicleta utilizando nuestra página de comparación de botellas y plantillas de ajuste.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base

    Great product, great idea. A bit expensive but innovation isn't always cheap.

    Best cycling bottle+mounting systems available

    First tested a Fidlock mounting system back in 2018. Since then, it's the only bottle+system I use. The 800 size bottle is perfect for everything from my commute to longer rides.

    TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base Review

    Absolutely Love It & the new TWIST Bottle 750 Compact + bike base. Bought them both at the same time because I was tired of losing bottles & I figured by time I spend the money on more bike bottles & bottle cages I might as well just spend that much once & Walla, problem solved, haven't lost a bottle yet & I just rode Ride Kanuga MTB Park this past weekend, not one bottle drop on those insanely steep & chunky trails. Definitely recommend...🤘🤙👍...

    Love Fidlock!

    Great system for mounting bottles to bikes. Bottle stays super secure, even on rougher rides. Also super sleek when a mount isn't in use.

    Bottle itself is high flow rate and easy to squeeze.

    All I want now is an insulated option to keep liquid cold during hot summer months.

    Great but..

    Great bottles but I have 2 issues with them.

    1. Bottle caps keep leaking and bike looks like a mess on every ride. A rubber seal at the top could help..

    2. Bottles rattle in magnet mechanism when rolling over small cracks on the road.

    I contacted fidlock twice about the issue and no response so far.

    Hi Gabe,

    We understand it can be frustrating when things happen to our orders and no one seems to reach back out to you. Just wanted to thank you for the review, but also to let you know we have no emails from you. Did you send them to support at fidlock dot us?

    Can you resend the ones you sent prior? We will fix this issue asap.


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