Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta


Bidón TWIST 450 + base bicicleta

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SKU: 09611-P11032(TBL)

La pequeña botella TWIST 450 tiene un apretón fácil optimizado gracias a un material más suave. La tapa de la botella tiene una válvula de alto flujo que es autosellante, a prueba de fugas y viene con una cubierta contra suciedad opcional, para que la boquilla permanezca limpia en el camino.

Esta botella cabe en cualquier bicicleta, grande o pequeña, y se combina con un sistema de montaje magnético.
Incluye la base de bicicleta TWIST para montar en los accesorios para soldar estándar.

¿Quieres saber cómo encajará en tu bicicleta? Utilice nuestra plantilla de ajuste de botella para descubrirlo.

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        Hidratación perfeccionada

        Bidón TWIST 450 + Base Bicicleta

        Nuestro innovador sistema TWIST Bottle + Base le proporciona el kit completo para montar su nuevo sistema de hidratación Fidlock que le cambiará la vida en cualquier lugar. Disponible en varios tamaños de botellas, encuentre el ajuste perfecto para su bicicleta utilizando nuestra página de comparación de botellas y plantillas de ajuste.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 27 reviews
        Brian H
        Excellent for hydration

        The TWIST 450 bottle is easy to install and access for hydration on long rides. Also adds a professional look to your bike.

        Gregory G
        Super happy with my decision

        That product is amazing and I cannot believe how the magnet sticks to the bike. I do a lot of Enduro and have never lost it. Also the Fidlock customer service is second to none. Great product, great people, top quality and exactly what I need to safely carry a bottle on my bike.

        Fits on kids Cannondale 20

        I got my son a Cannondale Quick 20. I wanted to get him a water bottle that would stay on his bike. I got this bottle for him and it is the perfect size. I love the dust cover. It keeps the grit out of his water.

        Simple and perfect.

        Will buy again, the powerful magnets and twist off system is brilliant.

        Scott, your review was brilliant! Thanks for the support and don't forget to tag us in your social!

        Left out?

        To the best of my knowledge the bottle does not release from the left side? Disappointing, I assumed it did.

        Hi David,

        thank you for the review. So you don't feel 'left out' we are currently working on a left release addition to the system. As soon as it is ready, we will announce it. Any questions le us know at support at fidlock dot us


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