Botella TWIST 450 + base uni
Botella TWIST 450 + base uni
Botella TWIST 450 + base uni
Botella TWIST 450 + base uni


Botella TWIST 450 + base uni

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La pequeña botella TWIST 450 con un apretón fácil optimizado gracias a un material más suave y una nueva tapa de botella con una válvula de alto flujo, autosellante y a prueba de fugas y una cubierta antipolvo opcional.

Bicicleta para niños o bicicleta completa: combinado con el innovador sistema de montaje magnético-mecánico, no hay cuadro demasiado pequeño para esta botella.

Incluye la base uni TWIST para fijar a cualquier tubo con bridas que se pueden volver a cerrar.

      Botellas de giro

      Hidratación perfeccionada

      Botella de 450 ml para sistema de montaje magnético-mecánico

      Nuestro innovador sistema TWIST Bottle + Base le proporciona el kit completo para montar su nuevo sistema de hidratación Fidlock que le cambiará la vida en cualquier lugar. Disponible en varios tamaños de botellas, encuentre el ajuste perfecto para su bicicleta utilizando nuestra página de comparación de botellas y plantillas de ajuste.

      Customer Reviews

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      Yo Yo
      Does the job

      Probably will put some zip ties on later when the straps wear out or strech.


      Finally a secure bottle system to fit my XS Liv Embolden. Thank you!

      Shaughn G.

      The uni-base and the little bottle are the only reason I can have any water on my 180mm travel enduro bike (from before the days of bottles on everything and downframe storage). Jumps, drops, crashes…nothing knocks this bottle off, but then it comes off with ease the moment you want it. If you don’t think you can fit something on your bike, I guarantee you Fidlock has a solution to prove you wrong. Underseat bag, frame bag, water bottles, the sick boa thing that lets you strap down ANYTHING when you inevitably forget your water bottle, I’ve never seen a Fidlock product that hasn’t worked flawlessly and I’ve loved every single one. Cannot recommend more.

      Ryan Smith
      Great for tight spaces

      Great little bottle for tight spaces or unorthodox mounting locations. I have mine on the underside of the downtube. No problems so far, and the valve cover keeps dirt off the valve. Would recommend as an additional hydration source for longer rides, or primary source on short rides. The only improvement I would recommend would be a way to secure the excess rubber strap on the universal base.


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