Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP
Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP
Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP
Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP
Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP
Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP


Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP

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Que ce soit sur le plaisir, sur les sentiers ou au milieu du bike park : la meilleure façon de capturer les meilleurs moments est d'utiliser une caméra d'action. Il est toujours attaché à différentes parties de votre corps ou de votre vélo.

Grâce au support de caméra d'action PINCLIP, cela peut désormais être fait à une vitesse vertigineuse et avec une flexibilité maximale : l'adaptateur permet un changement ultra-rapide des caméras d'action en un seul clic. Un fonctionnement sans vibrations est une évidence.

L'ensemble est livré avec 1 connecteur femelle et 2 connecteurs mâles à fixer à plusieurs emplacements.


  • Compatible avec toutes les caméras d'action populaires
  • Fonctionnement simple et intuitif
  • Force de rétention sûre et fiable
  • Conception robuste et sans entretien


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Adaptateur à dégagement rapide magnéto-mécanique pour caméras d'action

Fidlock PINCLIP Action Cam Mount attached to bike helmet

Support de caméra d'action PINCLIP

Adaptateur à dégagement rapide magnéto-mécanique pour caméras d'action

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Chavannes
Love this product

Ok so starting with the bad.
Bad thing one is now I have to buy a bunch of these for all my cameras.

Ok now the good. This makes me not need as many cameras most of the time and it also makes it super fast to swap cameras from worn to any other mount. Though go back to the bad where I need more so I have the ease of swapping stuff around.
The other cool thing is you can buy just the base mounts so you can add them to all kinds of things. I will be picking up a few more kits and the bases for sure and already have friends sold on them too.

Hey Paul,

We are so glad to hear that your experience with the Pinclip Action Cam Mount has been good! We appreciate your feedback and support.

Works great with Garmin Light

I have this on a Garmin UT800 light and works really well.

Dean Dalton
Fidlock Bottle

Excellent product. Holds on to the bike for dear life. I've raced several enduros and bombed down plenty of mountain trails with full confidence my bottle will still be there.


thanks for the review! Would love it if you follow us on FB and Insta. Please share some action shots with us and get a present via email!

Joe H
If you've used other Fidlock products before, then you know how satisfying the click is

I've only tested the Pinclip mount in my house, not on the bike yet. But the connection seems really secure. I put one on my Gopro and on my floating handle, put the wrist strap on, and acted like I was throwing the handle as hard as I could across the room, and the Gopro was still mounted perfectly. If the gif attachment works then you should be able to see me trying to flail as hard as I can to get my bike light to break off, and it stayed mounted with no issue.

The only real negative is that the quick release mount adds about two inches to the height of where your Gopro is mounted. (Or if it's hanging down under your handlebars, it will lower the camera that two inches).

And if I wanted to nitpick... the included Gopro screw being flat instead of Phillips head means that my bike multitool can't be used if I ever needed to re-tighten it (it's knurled for thumb use, but in my experience tightening by hand is never tight enough, the cameras will rotate unless using a screwdriver).

But I anticipate this being another Fidlock product I can't live without.

Joe, you are solid and your review means the world to us. Let us know how it works out, and follow us on social and send some videos we can post with your comments. This is what we live for. Thanks so much.

Jason Lopez
Must Have

Locks GoPro on securely. This is a must have for people that need to switch GoPro mount location often. Easy to use and switching is very quick and easy.

We need a video review on this one sir! Messy hair and all!


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