Commuting to Work

Commuting to Work

Commuting to work by bike can sometimes be tricky. However, because of Fidlock products, this can be made much easier with certain gadgets that can hold your items safely.
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Commuting by bike to work is one of my favorite ways to start the day. There’s nothing like breathing in that fresh morning air to get myself ready to be inside from 9-5. Biking to work is not only perfect for waking me up, but also is a great way to get some exercise and take in the world around me in a different perspective.

While I love biking to work, sometimes it can be tricky. Some mornings, I want to bring a water bottle to hydrate myself on the ride up. Other times, I want to bring my morning coffee in a thermos. Both of these options aren’t exactly easy since I don’t have a free hand to hold something while riding. However, ever since I got a few items from Fidlock, I can bring whatever I need and not worry about them spilling. 


Fidlock TWIST bottle 590 on a bike


The TWIST bottle 590 with the uni base is great for when I’m just feeling water in the morning. The bottle stays connected no problem and easily snaps to and from the base whenever I need to take a swig.  I prefer the uni base because it is perfect for when I want to switch it over to my mountain bike.

Fidlock TWIST uni connector on bike


The uni base is also great because I can switch over to the TWIST uni connector whenever I need to bring coffee in a thermos, or, if I’m hungry, put my morning banana into the connector instead. 


Fidlock PUSH saddle bag on a bike

Another Fidlock product that comes in handy is the PUSH saddle bag. I don’t like riding with things in my pockets, so it’s the perfect place to put my keys or wallet. 

These products make my already lovely morning commute that much better and easier. 


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