Fidlock Water Bottle

-By Jason Lopez of JayLo Cycling 

Bottle bounce-out is a thing of the past with Fidlock water bottles and mounting system. The Fidlock water bottles securely locks to the mount and provides worry free riding even on the bumpiest of roads or

If you are looking for marginal gains, upgrading your water bottle system could give you an edge on the competition. A lost bottle will lead to an unexpected pit stop and lost time in your race event.

I was recently introduced to Fidlock on Instagram when they partnered with the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) on a bottle combo giveaway. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that one.

I continued to follow them, keeping an eye on this new mounting system (I did win their following giveaway, the bottles in this review). I checked out their website and was really intrigued on their take of mounting water bottles to a bike frame.

Fidlock is a German company that makes a variety of mounting solutions for phones, water bottles, and bags. Hopefully, I can get my hands on some of their other products soon and go into full details on those. In the meantime, this review will focus on the fidlock water bottles and base system and explore the wide variety of options offered by Fidlock.

Don’t fret. Fidlock has base and bottle solution for most bike setups.

The Bottle and Base System has three main components: The Base, the Bottle Connector, and the Bottle. All three parts work together to make strong and secure system that is going to keep your bottle perfectly held in place.

Base (The Mount)

The part that attaches to the frame of your bicycle and essentially replaces your bottle case is called the Base. The Base has two knobs with a magnet embedded inside each one. The Base is the first piece of this

innovative design and serves as the foundation to the whole system.

The Base is sort of a universal piece that can be used on a
variety of Fidlock’s products (see below). The same Base can be used to mount
Cargo bags as well.

Installing the Base is quite simple.

  1. Remove the existing cage or bolts if they are installed.
  2. Install the base to the frame making sure that the arrow is pointing upwards. Use the bolts provided with the base and apply some grease to the bolts before screwing them into the frame.
  3. Torque the bolts down to frame manufactures specifications.

Now you can attach the bottle.

JayLo Review of Fidlock Water Bottle for Gravel Racing

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