Bidón TWIST x KEEGO 600 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST x KEEGO 600 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST x KEEGO 600 + base bicicleta
Bidón TWIST x KEEGO 600 + base bicicleta


Bidón TWIST x KEEGO 600 + base bicicleta

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KEEGO es la innovadora botella hecha de titanio elástico: el exterior está hecho de plástico duradero y liviano para apretar fácilmente, mientras que el interior está recubierto de titanio para que el agua permanezca libre de microplásticos, a salvo del moho y absolutamente insípida.

Junto con el sistema TWIST, la botella KEEGO se puede fijar a la bicicleta sin un portabidón convencional, sino con la innovadora tecnología magnético-mecánica FIDLOCK.


KEEGO es la innovadora botella fabricada en titanio elástico

Bidón TWIST x KEEGO 600 + Base Bicicleta

Nuestras elegantes bases para bicicletas TWIST ofrecen el diseño más ligero y eficaz jamás creado; Listo para montarlo en los portabidones de la vieja escuela o en cualquier lugar donde pueda colocar la base con esta versión universal.

En el tubo superior, en el tubo inferior o en el tubo del sillín, la base TWIST uni se puede fijar en cualquier parte del cuadro.

Customer Reviews

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Took it out first ride and weather got little warm so is water. I do feel it is very aero. Only twice to right only not both way

Young Tsuei
Works perfect

Worked exactly as expected. We needed a low profile ‘cage’ mounted to an Ortlieb ultimate 6 bag so the cage doesn’t interfere when the bag is removed and being carried with the strap. The magnetic lock that lines up automatically is ingenious!


The mounting system is super cool! Works as it should. The bottle is soft and easy to squeeze. The liner should keep the water tasting normal. No plastic smell.

Great bottle not for mtb cap

Bottle works great good taste. But for mountain biking the caps leaks all over the place. Not sure how much but it gets all over the bike. Just stand and shake it you get the idea. Can’t wait for the v2 cap

Hey Jason,

Sorry to hear about the cap on the Keego, it should not be doing that. Kindly email us at support at fidlock dot us and we will replace.

Fidlock tech and security with no plastic touching the water!

So let me preface this by saying I own 4 of these bottles. In short, I bought one then bought 3 more! These are an excellent non-leaching bottle as the plastic lid doesn't touch the water between the medical grade silicone and seal (one piece).

Easy to clean
Holds a comparable amount of water to a traditional waterbottle
The fidlock tech works great for any style of riding and doesn't shake loose

The vavle can get dirty as there is no cover (it's an exposed bite valve but easy to clean even on the trail)
Pricey! But it's titanium and Fidlock offers discount codes often.
Not as much water per squeeze as a specialized big mouth bottle but I didn't notice that big of a difference overall.

Again, I own 4 and I use them on all of my bikes for all types of riding. They are slightly heavier but so much more secure than other cages and styles. Overall, considering the price and Fidlock USA's awesome customer service I highly recommend these bottles. They are much lighter than any other plastic alternative I have found and don't seem to loose their shape with repetitive and aggressive use. They can hold hot beverages and cold beverages though the bottle is not really insulated so don't expect the temps to hold for long periods of time.


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