Botella TWIST 590 + base uni
Botella TWIST 590 + base uni
Botella TWIST 590 + base uni
Botella TWIST 590 + base uni


Botella TWIST 590 + base uni

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La botella TWIST revolucionó la botella de agua. Sin el portabidón convencional, este sistema de bidón magnético-mecánico para bicicleta ofrece un nuevo tipo de libertad en el manejo y la aplicación. Simplemente se libera de la bicicleta con un fácil movimiento “GIRAR” y con la misma facilidad se vuelve a colocar juntando los soportes magnéticos, que incluyen un sistema de bloqueo mecánico.

Si la bicicleta no tiene insertos de rosca o si ya están bloqueados, la botella TWIST 590 viene con la base TWIST uni. Este adaptador de marco universal se puede fijar fácilmente a cualquier tubo con un ancho de 28 a 62 mm gracias a las largas bridas de TPU. La parte posterior de goma suave del portabotellas universal para bicicletas protege el cuadro contra rayones y ayuda a mantener la base uni en su lugar.

Incluye la base uni TWIST para fijar a cualquier tubo con bridas que se pueden volver a cerrar.

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        Botella TWIST 590 + Base Universal

        Nuestro innovador sistema TWIST Bottle + Base le proporciona el kit completo para montar su nuevo sistema de hidratación Fidlock que le cambiará la vida en cualquier lugar. Disponible en varios tamaños de botellas, encuentre el ajuste perfecto para su bicicleta utilizando nuestra página de comparación de botellas y plantillas de ajuste.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Evan Rosche
        Pleasantly Surprised

        Really cool system. I was skeptical it would work on the top tube of my mountain bike, but it has held up extremely well, even on rocky single track.
        Highly recommend!

        Colby A.
        Mine fell off

        I was riding on a trail behind our house and when I got home it had fallen off. Idk how it would have happened, my daughter was riding with me so we weren’t going fast. I liked it a lot but if fell off randomly

        Hey Colby, we are sorry to hear your bottle fell off randomly. Are you using the screws that came with the base? Sometimes we see this happen when the screws are not flush with the base, which should be somewhat flush with the tube it's mounted on. If you still issues, shoot us an email and we can replace it for you.

        the convenience!

        The best water bottle for tricky bikes that didn't leave space for a bottle cage. And the magnet system is so satisfying and quick to use. Super stoked with our bottles!

        Mark Wadley
        TWIST bottle 590 + uni base

        I finally found something that really works if you don't like to carry a camel-back - I now have three Fidlock bottles: one with the rubber cables and the other two with the frame brackets. I ride a small frame trek and they all fit perfectly.
        In total I can carry 1,6 L of liquid, and with the 800 ml bottle coming , even more!

        Andrew Holybee
        great option for tricky places

        I am swapping between multiple bikes and this has been great to also have my son that has no bottle bosses use one of these bottles as well as my tandem I can put on a pump with the extra lashing and secure a bottle at the same time love my fidlock stuff next up is a push bag.


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