TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial + bike base


TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial + bike base

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FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial with FIDGUARD technology

The antibacterial upgrade for the popular 590 TWIST bottle. Tried and tested in the medical and food industries, the technology prevents the formation of unpleasant odours caused by bacterial growth inside the bottle. The purely physical effect inhibits bacterial growth and does not release bioactive substances such as silver ions.

590 ml bottle with antibacterial FIDGUARD technology incl. magnetic-mechanical bottle mounting system for bike frames

More hygiene thanks to FIDGUARD technology
Even after cleaning a water bottle, a certain residual moisture remains on the inner walls. This can lead to the growth of bacteria, which can emit a musty odor over time. The new TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial puts an end to this. Thanks to the innovative FIDGUARD technology, the growth of bacteria in the residual moisture on the inside of the bottle is prevented. Foul odors are a thing of the past. This medically proven process works purely physically and does not rely on the addition of chemical substances. This not only keeps the bottle fresh and clean, but also eliminates any concerns about possible residues.

Intuitive handling meets the best material
The proven magnet-mechanical TWIST technology and an improved ergonomic bottle design guarantee unparalleled intuitive handling and compatibility with all bike bases. The flexibility of the BPA-free polyethylene allows for easy squeezing and ensures high flow - naturally drip-free thanks to the self-closing membrane!

No more compromises
The TWIST Bottle 590 has a capacity of 590 ml and includes a removable dirt cap. The bottle can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (up to 50°C). A new level of comfort, hygiene, and functionality!

TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial including TWIST bike base:
The TWIST bottle revolutionized the bike bottle. Without the conventional bottle cage this magnet-mechanical bike bottle system offers a new kind of freedom in handling and application. It is simply released from the bike with an easy “TWIST” movement and just as easily reattached by bringing together the magnetic bolds, which include a mechanical locking system.
The bike base is mounted on the bike to the bottle braze-ons with two screws.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Fusion of FIDGUARD technology with TWIST system
  • Prevention of germ and odor formation thanks to antibacterial effect
  • Physically proven principle tested by medicine and food industry
  • Prevention of migration of bioactive substances
  • 590 ml capacity
  • High flow rate and leak-proof diaphragm
  • Improved ergonomic design for intuitive handling and compatibility
  • Removable dirt cap
  • Dishwasher safe up to 50°C / 122°

Extent of delivery

  • TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial with FIDGUARD technology (transp. black) incl. bike base


Material: PE (BPA-free, food-safe) (antibacterial), PP (antibacterial), TPE (antibacterial), Silicone

Fidlock 590 magnetic water bottle mounted on Ibis mountain bike

TWIST Antibacterial

FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial with FIDGUARD technology. The antibacterial upgrade for the popular 590 TWIST bottle.

TWIST bottle 590 antibacterial + bike base


Customer Reviews

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Tim B
Haven't used it yet

How can I review the bottle if I have not used it yet? I know I would already like to see a left-handed twist release for it. It's just the right size too. My bike will look cool with it on and clean with it off.

Hey Tim,

Thanks so much for the 4 stars! We recently added a Left-Turn Connector that is compatible with any of our TWIST bottles. Once you get it, just switch out the current Bottle Connector for the Left-Turn one and you're set.

Here is the link for that:


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