TWIST Bottle Connector


TWIST Bottle Connector

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TWIST bottle connector

Replacement connector for magnetic-mechanical bottle mounting system

Thanks to the modular TWIST system and exchange of the single parts is done in not time. If base and replacement bottle are still at hand, the TWIST bottle connector is also available separately. The bottle connector is suitable for all TWIST bottles as well as TWIST bases except 800 and Keego.

Attaching the new connector is simple: Lay it into the TWIST replacement bottle and lock the connector with a coin – cheers!


The TWIST Bottle Connector can be used to replace the existing connector on your original set or added to a replacement bottle as a secondary set.

Works with all 450, 590, & 600 bottles. Does NOT fit the 800 bottle or Keego.

Hydration Perfected

TWIST Bottles

TWIST Bottle Connector

Our innovative TWIST Bottle + Base System provides you with the complete kit to mount your new, life-changing Fidlock hydration system anywhere. Available in multiple bottle sizes, find your bike’s perfect fit using our bottle comparison and fit template page.

Customer Reviews

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Broke in a crash, expensive to replace

I broke my bottle connector in a crash (first bottle/cage ever I've had break in a crash; caused bottle to separate from rest of connector) and came here to find a replacement. I was shocked to see it cost $25 bucks, especially since it appears to be a weak link part that breaks in crashes. This was a fun system, but I'll be switching to a cheaper alternative that is more durable and reliable, like the one on my other bike.

Hey David,

We are sorry to hear about your crash and broken bottle. I saw in your review you stated the replacement connector was $25 and although true, I wanted to clarify what happened to your bottle.

How bad was your crash? It takes a good amount of force to break those connectors and contrary to what some might think, we do not have a notable amount of failures and replacements for the connector itself. The main issue we see with the connector is when people take it apart and wash it separately from the bottle, as 2 things will happen:

1. The mis match of heat/cold during washing causes some issues getting the connectors back on correctly

2. When we wash the connector separately from the bottle, the 4 bumpers in each corner that protect against rattle often go missing.

I would like to point out that most reviews we get, and the reason we are so strong in MTB is because people lose fewer bottles during races do to the magnetic/mechanical latching in all Fidlock products vs the 'I hope my cage is tight enough my bottles won't bounce out'.

If you would and are up to it, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and DM us there. I tried looking you up in the system under the email provided in this review and could not find you.. When you DM us., kindly send over address and phone number and we will get you out a replacement bottle and a replacement connector, on us.
We will always attempt to make this right. You an also email us directly at support at fidlock dot us. Look forward to fixing this for you,.

Twist connector

Worked seamlessly, great customer service to get me what I needed. Fast shipping. Used piece to connect with hip pack.

Oscar Soto
Great item

Easy to use!

Adam Reese
Just as advertised

This is for just the part that mounts on your bike. Well worth it.

John Watson
worth it

Don't hesitate on price, this system is worth it and the best option for on bike water storage.


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