Fidlock PINCLIP action cam mount Eurobike 2023 Winner

PINCLIP action cam mount:

Triumph as EUROBIKE AWARD 2023 Winner!

We're bursting with excitement to announce that the PINCLIP action cam mount by FIDLOCK has soared to victory, clinching the highly coveted EUROBIKE Award 2023 in the "accessories" category! This revolutionary accessory has captivated an esteemed panel of experts in the bike and mobility industry, wowing them with its groundbreaking design, unmatched functionality, and exceptional craftsmanship.

The EUROBIKE AWARD: Where Innovation Reigns Supreme

The  EUROBIKE AWARD stands as a pinnacle of recognition in the cycling realm, celebrating extraordinary products that push the boundaries of innovation and propel the industry forward. An illustrious jury meticulously evaluates each submission, scrutinizing the levels of ingenuity, practicality, sustainability, design aesthetics, and manufacturing excellence.

Fidlock US PINCLIP action cam Eurobike winnerPINCLIP action cam mount: Unleashing Unprecedented Convenience and Versatility

Our PINCLIP action cam mount impressed as an ingenious one-click adapter that facilitates lightning-quick transitions between action cams. With this mount, you can say farewell to time-consuming adjustments and embrace seamless switching with a mere touch. With this remarkable innovation, you can effortlessly capture every angle, ensuring no breathtaking moment slips through your fingertips.

Thanks to its bliss of vibration-free filming, the PINCLIP ensures your footage remains smooth and stable. As a plus, the PINCLIP empowers you to unleash your creativity by offering an array of mounting options.

Securely attach your action cam to any desired position on your body or bike, whether it's perched on your helmet, nestled on your handlebars, or any other strategic vantage point. The PINCLIP grants you the freedom to capture the perfect perspective for your footage, further enhancing your storytelling abilities.Fidlock US PINCLIP action cam Eurobike Gadget Winner

Whether you're soaring into unadulterated excitement, conquering treacherous trails, or descending through the heart of a thrilling bike park, documenting those awe-inspiring moments becomes an effortless endeavor with the PINCLIP - so get your PINCLIP action cam mount now.

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