Pack for the Adventure; Bikepacking with a TWIST

Pack for the Adventure; Bikepacking with a TWIST

On a bikepack, nutrition and hydration are critical. See why you should bring Fidlock around on your next bikepacking adventure, and how it will help smooth out your trip.
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Those who frequently bikepack know hydration and nutrition are critical. Long days on the road (paved or gravel), day after day, require us to keep our body in great shape during a trip. If we get severely dehydrated one day, we may affect the outcome of the following days.

Plus, it's not like we're riding the Tour de France here. We don't have medics with IV Drips, or nutritionists at our beckoning call when we can finally call it a day.

Modern-day bikepackers needs to gear up to the best of our ability. We need to stay on top of our hydration and nutrition during their ride so we can perform to the best of our ability for the long haul.

FIDLOCK's innovative products can ease all of our bikepacking experience, no matter what the road has to offer. Below, I've listed a few products that I used on a recent bike pack, and how they helped me enjoy my experience much more than I would have without them.

The TWIST 600

Slap a couple 600ml TWIST bottles on your rig, and you're good to go. Utilizing FIDLOCK's TWIST system, you'll have no excuse not to reach for the bottle. This system easily releases when you grab for it, and it intuitively guides your bottle back in place when you're finished drinking.

My favorite part of the TWIST system while I was on the road: The ease of use. It ensured a degree of safety that I hadn't previously experienced. No more accidentally dropping your bottle on a traffic-ridden road, or having to glance down to see if you've secured it correctly. On a bikepack, you want the peace of mind to know that your bottles are secure. On my recent bikepack trip, I had this peace of mind.

The TWIST 450

Looking for a bit smaller of a product? Maybe you already have room for a few 600ml bottles, but you'd like to carry a bit more. Or, maybe your rig can't quite fit the 600ml, and you need to carry something a bit smaller.

Whatever the reason, the TWIST 450 is a perfect bottle for a tight fit, or to provide a little extra hydration within quick access.

Just like the 600, the TWIST 450 has a ridiculously intuitive release and secure system, making sure that you're paying attention to the road and circumstances around you.

The PUSH 600

One of the hardest parts about bikepacking is securing your valuables. If you stop at a store to refuel or need to quickly run to the bathroom, you're going to want one easy-to-release bag to put all your valuables. One that you can grab and take with you in a pinch.

The PUSH saddle bag 600 is the perfect bag for this occasion. It has plenty of room for your wallet, cash, passport, phone, and other valuables. It also has an extremely intuitive secure and release system. You'll be confident that it's secure, and have no problem grabbing it when needed.

For me personally, it was great knowing that I had one and only one thing to grab before leaving my rig: my PUSH saddle bag 600.

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