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Works as designed. A little wobbly but won’t fall off.

Almost great.

Idea is sound. Storage is good. Bottle mechanism is great. Only flaw, and it's a big one, is that it slides down your back very easy and ends up too low. It gets in the way of sitting back on your saddle. No amount of tightening helped.

Perfect! as described! fast shipping

Easy installation and surprisingly secure while riding. It is a little fiddly to reconnect the bottle as the pin has to align perfectly before twisting on.

Hip belt single

So compact that you forget you’re wearing it!

Be aware of phone limitations

Love this system - it works great. However, Samsung users should be aware that wireless charging will not work due to the magnet in the case, and you'll also lose S-Pen functionality. I retained my old case for daily use and use the Fidlock case for when I'm riding my bike.

Stays on the bike, on these rocky Arizona trails!

Great for tight frame

450 is good for short rides or tight spaces frames like kids bikes. Function is exceptional

Awesome mount system, “meh” bottles.

The mounting system is great. It’s secure, easy to use, and it’s reliable. The bottles need work. They leak from both the threads and from the spout. They don’t keep things cold. I put Gatorade in mine and find a sticky mess on the down tube after every ride. I’ve ridden pavement only with them thus far. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I took my gravel bike off-road. Fix the bottles and you have an awesome system.

Hey Ren,

Thanks so much for the awesome insight and feedback! If you would like, feel free to reach out to and they would be more than happy to help troubleshoot any leaking issues you may run into.

Thanks for your support!

keep first aid kit dry!

i use this to keep a simple boo-boo kit dry!

No protection against leaks

Despite the company's statements about improved leakage protection (Twist 750 compact), water pours out on any pothole on the road and I'm talking about a road bike. The whole frame and carriage are in isotonite, and the bottle is not fully filled. Before that, I used Camelback Podium bottles and not a single drop poured out. Very disappointed with the purchase, for me it's wasted money


We are so sorry to hear that you ran into issues when using your 750. We would be more than happy to help troubleshoot this with you. Do you mind reaching out to so that we can help out with recommendations?


Fidlock Team

TWIST Thermo Sleeve
Anthony Jones
800ml edition?

i need lots of water and i need it cold 800ml version coming soon?

Pleasantly Surprised

Really cool system. I was skeptical it would work on the top tube of my mountain bike, but it has held up extremely well, even on rocky single track.
Highly recommend!

Love it!

A terrific idea and product. Shipping was slow, but it got here eventually and I love it. I have attached the base to the strap of my backpack and gone hiking. It’s super easy to stay hydrated now, and I prefer this very much over having a dangling tube. Kudos on this innovative design!

TWIST Thermo Sleeve
Stuart English
Thermo Sleeves

Used it for the first time in Arizona on a day where temperatures were in the upper 80’s. After riding for an hour a half I still had cold water.

I'm loving it!!

not true to size

The sizes listed in the drawings are not true to size.
My calipers say 190x73x82 mm.
If all I were carrying was a few tools, snacks, and a tube, this bag would rock. but alas, I also want to protect my regular iPhone 14 (151x76x12 mm). In addition, the middle flap prevents me from using "angular design" to close the bag.
It's not financially advantageous to return either, as return shipping cost + the purchase of the next larger size bag + additional unistrap - is much more than I'm willing to chance. I wish I was able to find a local bike shop, so i could test fit before making a purchase decision.

Hey Alex,

We're extremely sorry to hear that the bag didn't meet your expectations. We would be more than happy to help you initiate a return and swap the Toolbox out for a bigger option.

The inner and outer measurements will differ due to the shape. The dimensions listed in our catalog are 92x195x84mm; which are the exterior dimensions. We recommend that the tooblox be used for any wrenches, spares or CO2 canisters that riders may need. Our Essential Bag series is perfect for a larger array of items though!

We provide prepaid labels for all customer returns/exchanges so there will be no charge if you decide to proceed. Please feel free to reach out to and they will be able to help you get started.

Hope this helps!

Just right

Good Idea, fits in shorter areas and still brings capacity to the game. Great Job.



700 bottle!!

Loving my new Twist Bottle 700!!

Great bag, but doesn't fit anywhere on my bike...

I love the Fidlock mechanisms and have two bottle holders that work flawlessly. Regarding this bag, I have no problems with the bag itself and it is well designed, but the way the Fidlock mounts are oriented, it doesn't fit anywhere on my bike (large Lauf Seigla). I tried to fit it as a top tube bag in both possible orientations, but that's a no-go because of how the mounting bracket is oriented. It also doesn't fit well in either of my bike cage unfortunately, it won't have a home on my bike. I'd love to see Fidlock move the mounting bracket on the bag itself, because it could be a killer top-tube bag. Being able to easily take the bag off the top tube (with valuables inside) would put this bag above all the other screw-mounted top tube bags on the market.


We're very sorry to hear that you had trouble finding a place to fit the bag on your bike. For tricky fits, we recommend trying our Bike Base adapter! It will allow you to change the placement of the mounting system so that you can get the desired fit.

We also offer two different bag sizes!

I hope this was helpful and we appreciate your support!

TWIST Replacement bottle 590 (bottle only)

Does the job

Probably will put some zip ties on later when the straps wear out or strech.