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TWIST X KEEGO single bottle 600

Great bottles! Little hard to squeeze due to the plastic band.
Would be nice to see them with the old technology without the band and 800 ml.

SNAPSNAP camera lens cap clip

TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base

Great product, great idea. A bit expensive but innovation isn't always cheap.

Best cycling bottle+mounting systems available

First tested a Fidlock mounting system back in 2018. Since then, it's the only bottle+system I use. The 800 size bottle is perfect for everything from my commute to longer rides.

Works perfect

Worked exactly as expected. We needed a low profile ‘cage’ mounted to an Ortlieb ultimate 6 bag so the cage doesn’t interfere when the bag is removed and being carried with the strap. The magnetic lock that lines up automatically is ingenious!

Excellent for hydration

The TWIST 450 bottle is easy to install and access for hydration on long rides. Also adds a professional look to your bike.

Dust Cap
Andriana Mastor

Dust Cap

Awesome Bag

Great bag to safely bring your phone with you on rainy rides. Also looks good for casual use.

Best phone mount system for bike and car period!

I’ve tried tons and tons of cell phone mounts over the decades and the Fidlock Vacuum system is by far the BEST! I have the bike mount and the car mount and they are both flawless. I’m never going back to only magnets again.

First class

Awesome products from a great company. Highly recommended.

Replacement cap

As my only water bottle location available is under the down tube my water bottle is totally exposed to the dirt. This cap keeps the spout clean and ready for use. Simple and effective.

Stays in place

Hit i tree dead on today, everything went flying, my glasses and my water bottle(regular cage) handlebars completely twisted but my phone stayed right in place. Very good case and holder.
Man vs Tree
Tree wins

It works

Does what it says. Fits well. Bought this mostly for the color to match my bike.

Mine fell off

I was riding on a trail behind our house and when I got home it had fallen off. Idk how it would have happened, my daughter was riding with me so we weren’t going fast. I liked it a lot but if fell off randomly

Hey Colby, we are sorry to hear your bottle fell off randomly. Are you using the screws that came with the base? Sometimes we see this happen when the screws are not flush with the base, which should be somewhat flush with the tube it's mounted on. If you still issues, shoot us an email and we can replace it for you.

TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base Review

Absolutely Love It & the new TWIST Bottle 750 Compact + bike base. Bought them both at the same time because I was tired of losing bottles & I figured by time I spend the money on more bike bottles & bottle cages I might as well just spend that much once & Walla, problem solved, haven't lost a bottle yet & I just rode Ride Kanuga MTB Park this past weekend, not one bottle drop on those insanely steep & chunky trails. Definitely recommend...🤘🤙👍...

450 Bottle

A bottle is a bottle. Difference is these stay put!! raced several enduros and bombed plenty of mountain trails. Never lost a bottle.

Broke in a crash, expensive to replace

I broke my bottle connector in a crash (first bottle/cage ever I've had break in a crash; caused bottle to separate from rest of connector) and came here to find a replacement. I was shocked to see it cost $25 bucks, especially since it appears to be a weak link part that breaks in crashes. This was a fun system, but I'll be switching to a cheaper alternative that is more durable and reliable, like the one on my other bike.

Hey David,

We are sorry to hear about your crash and broken bottle. I saw in your review you stated the replacement connector was $25 and although true, I wanted to clarify what happened to your bottle.

How bad was your crash? It takes a good amount of force to break those connectors and contrary to what some might think, we do not have a notable amount of failures and replacements for the connector itself. The main issue we see with the connector is when people take it apart and wash it separately from the bottle, as 2 things will happen:

1. The mis match of heat/cold during washing causes some issues getting the connectors back on correctly

2. When we wash the connector separately from the bottle, the 4 bumpers in each corner that protect against rattle often go missing.

I would like to point out that most reviews we get, and the reason we are so strong in MTB is because people lose fewer bottles during races do to the magnetic/mechanical latching in all Fidlock products vs the 'I hope my cage is tight enough my bottles won't bounce out'.

If you would and are up to it, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and DM us there. I tried looking you up in the system under the email provided in this review and could not find you.. When you DM us., kindly send over address and phone number and we will get you out a replacement bottle and a replacement connector, on us.
We will always attempt to make this right. You an also email us directly at support at fidlock dot us. Look forward to fixing this for you,.

Necessity if you have more than one bike!

It's great Fidlock offers the base plates for sale separately. When I got a second bike, I grabbed 2 so that I could use my existing bottles without having to get out tools! The mounts are a little more expensive than a regular bottle mount, but it's worth it for the clean look and ultra strong hold!

Also, very small likelihood of the mount breaking...

Ed, thank you for the kind words and superb review. Reviews mean the world to us, just like our customers.


PUSH saddle bag 600
Matt Martinez
Awesome design

The Push saddle bag is awesome. One push and the bags off. Mine is big enough to hold 2 CO2 cartridges, one tube, two levers CO2 charger and a patch kit. There is also a bigger one as well. Has a space for rear light attachment also, which is rad.

Martian :)

thanks for the review sir!

750 compact

Great hydration bottle! Very durable! Easy to lock and unlock. Compact feature takes up less space in your down tube.

Thanks Lester for your review. The 750 is taking over top spot of best sellers soon.

TWIST 800 Single Bottle
Benjamin M Fredrick
great bottle

comes on and off the bike with ease

Fidlock Bottle

Excellent product. Holds on to the bike for dear life. I've raced several enduros and bombed down plenty of mountain trails with full confidence my bottle will still be there.


thanks for the review! Would love it if you follow us on FB and Insta. Please share some action shots with us and get a present via email!

Super happy with my decision

That product is amazing and I cannot believe how the magnet sticks to the bike. I do a lot of Enduro and have never lost it. Also the Fidlock customer service is second to none. Great product, great people, top quality and exactly what I need to safely carry a bottle on my bike.

Love Fidlock!

Great system for mounting bottles to bikes. Bottle stays super secure, even on rougher rides. Also super sleek when a mount isn't in use.

Bottle itself is high flow rate and easy to squeeze.

All I want now is an insulated option to keep liquid cold during hot summer months.

bottle on my belt

I got this to add a bottle to my belt, turns out the textile adapter was all I needed for that. So this is going on my backpack!


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