5 Reasons to use a TWIST Bottle

5 Reasons to use a TWIST Bottle

Why upgrade from the status quo? What are our top reasons for you to switch to the FIDLOCK system? You asked, we answered.
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Why upgrade from the bike water bottle cage status quo? It's a question we get asked a lot, so... Here are our top reasons for you to switch to the FIDLOCK locking magnetic water bottle and base system.


The number one reason we recommend switching is simple: FIDLOCK bottles are way more convenient than anything else out there. From the well-thought through Base, Connector, Module system, to the easy and intuitive system for removing and re-securing your bottle, the TWIST bottle was thought through in every aspect.


Bike safety is nothing to joke about. On the road, there are more distractions than ever for drivers, so keeping bikers more alert and aware is extremely important. On the trail or gravel road, obstacles can pop up out of the blue, and bikers who aren't prepared for them could get seriously hurt.

FIDLOCK's TWIST bottle is so easy to use, it helps keep you alert and aware of the challenges around you. It allows you to focus on what matters: paying attention to your ride.

Your Bottle Won't Eject

Have you ever hit a bump or an obstacle and had your bottle pop right out of its cage? This happens surprisingly often, and can be a huge pain and even dangerous, especially during races. Have peace of mind that your bottle is secure with the FIDLOCK TWIST system.

Doesn't Wear Down Your Bottle / Lasts Longer

Bottles secured by cages suffer wear and tear. The friction caused by constantly removing and re-securing the bottle causes the plastic to wear down, and eventually make it more susceptible to bottle ejections. We've even seen some bottles so worn down they started to leak.

FIDLOCK's magnetic system won't wear your bottle down, and therefore it lasts significantly longer than other bottle-and-cage systems.

Fit's in smaller spaces

In order to get a water bottle into a standard cage, you have to secure the bottle from the top of the cage, and push down. This requires space above the cage in order to perform the maneuver. Even the side-entry models require extra room.

With FIDLOCK, you secure your bottle from the side. As such, the magnetic Base design doesn't require extra space above it in order to secure the bottle. This allows FIDLOCK to secure itself in smaller spaces and smaller frames than ever before.

The dimensions that a small bottle – the 450ML Model – can fit in on a frame are 6 and 3/4" x 3 and 1/2" (17.14CM x 8.9CM). The dimensions that a large bottle – the 600ML Model – can fit in are 8 and 3/4" x 3 and 1/4" (22.23CM x 8.26CM). This allows bikes with space constraints due to frame size, frame design, and reservoir shocks designs to be able to use a water bottle. It may even allow the use of a larger bottle to increase your hydration capacity.

There you have it.


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