TWIST Uni Connector

TWIST Uni Connector

Since it's inception, people have used bikes to carry and transport all sorts of items from tools and food to firefighting equipment. Luckily, today bikes are more refined than those early "boneshakers" and so are the methods for carrying items on your bike. Bicycles are no longer just a means of transportation, but a tool of exploration, self-expression, and...well...just having fun. Whether you're riding across the country on dirt roads and single track or just down to the store for lunch, you need a secure way to get your goods from point A to point B. FIDLOCK's TWIST Uni Connector is the perfect solution for most of your gear-hauling needs. Its secure BOA system means your load isn't going anywhere. Whether it's bikepacking or beer runs, we've got you covered.

Light batteries

Whether you're a bicycle commuter, night-time mountain biker, or just always prepared, you've likely run into issues mounting large bulky batteries for your high-end bike lights. The velcro straps supplied with most lights have a tendency to trap dirt and moisture, wreaking havoc on your bike's paint job. The TWIST Uni Connector can mount directly to our magnetic bike base, or be used with the Uni Base allowing you to apply it anywhere you have open space on your frame, fork, stem or handlebar.


Breaking down sucks. Plain and simple. Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you are with your bike's maintenance these things happen. While tools can't save you in every event, most of the time a proper tool kit and some MacGuyver inspiration can get you home.


Coffee, the nectar of the Gods. A morning without coffee is like a day without sunshine. Unfortunately, carrying coffee on your bike can be, well, difficult. Or at least it was, until the TWIST Uni Connector. The BOA system extends out enough to fit most insulated coffee mugs, so you shouldn't run out of that sweet sweet coffee.


That food truck across town always has the best burritos, but parking is a nightmare. Easy, grab your Uni Mount and your bike and go get that burrito.

Spare tubes

If you aren't carrying a spare tube you're gonna have a bad time. Even if you run a tubeless setup "stuff happens". While the PUSH Saddle Bag is a great solution, don't discount the convenience of having your tube easily accessible on your frame. Sure, you could tape it to your frame, but this isn't amateur hour.


Jacket on, jacket off, jacket get the picture. We've all been on that springtime ride where you can't quite get the layering right. You could ride with the jacket awkwardly stuffed in a jersey pocket or hip pack, or you could roll it up and securely store it on your frame. Looks like rain? Keep it at arms reach on your Uni Mount.

Camp Fuel


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