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Good size and the lids are interchageable

Want another one!

Really, really expensive for what it is, but also really cool. Keep careful track of your bottles, though, as each bottle with one of these things on it now costs $50.

The bottle is pretty weird to drink from

Fits perfectly on my down tube. Couldn’t be happier!

Have 2 of these on my bikes

I use the top tube mount bottles on my e-bike and my wife's bike. We like the mounting position and find it much easier to drink from than down tube mounts. I gave one to my brother for his bike and he loves it!

Looked great on paper but the bulk of the device is disappointing. Going to keep it and use it but not 100% sure.

Great quality product

Easy to use

It’s easy and convenient. Much better then the traditional bottle holder.

Great Fit

Great fit; feels much less cumbersome than a backpack.

incredible customer service

I had a small issue with the rubber band on my fidlock. The team here replaced my rubber band with no questions asked.

Terrible product for anyone who is fast and wants to jump and hit rough section of the trail. It has fallen out too many times.

Nice quality case with a slim profile

Case has a nice slim profile and connection with base inspires confidence.

Excellent phone mount for car, bike or anywhere

This system keeps the phone confidently in place and removal is as easy as any system I’ve used before. Great product!


Unfortunately this will be my last fidlock bottle. I have 3 and only one doesn’t leak. I assumed the problem would be fixed, which is why I bought this one recently. Doesn’t leak a ton, but it’s enough that on DH trails your bottom bracket will turn into a mess.

Best bike bottle system I have used.

TWIST bottle 600 + bike base smoke
Absolutely awesome!

At first glance at Fidlock I was concerned that this bottle holder would be finicky. I was so wrong. Love the ease of use on this. Will never go back to a cage.

Awesome Product

Such an awesome product. Helps bottles fit in smaller places because you don't need that vertical movement to get it in and out. Bottle is good quality. Overall excited about this!

Excellent system!

Secures the water bottle very well. I have this mounted below the bottom tube and it fits perfect. The mud cap over the spout seems a little flimsy like it would be the first thing to break, but so far so good! Love it and would recommend it. Easy to lock into place and remove for drinking

Nice design- too large for the Pivot Mach 4 SL V3 triangle ( with the 800ml bottle on the down tube )

Great size. Super secure

Great product

Love this water bottle. I can put the compact 750 on my down tube and an 800 ml on my top tube and be set for water.

Great bottle, just needed to get a bigger size, the magnetic attachment is awesome, I can just toss it at it lol

Excellent size

Great size for longer rides. No leaks and cap works well

Amazing dry bag!

The first time I purchased a Fidlock dry bag was at a water park resort. I took a chance on this brand, that I had never heard of, and was pleasantly surprised. The bag I bought was completely transparent and had enough space for my phone, ID, and credit cards. The bag work great at keeping my items dry and I was able to take pics, answer phone calls and text without taking my phone out of the bag. I took epic pictures and videos which won me over! A month later, when using the bag a 2nd time, the bag was no longer 100% transparent but cloudy. I continued using the bag because it was still waterproof but my pics/videos weren't clear anymore due to the cloudiness of the bag. I decided to purchase another transparent Hermetic Bag directly from Fidlock but, when it arrived it was cloudy; as if previously used. My new bag arrived just in time for my trip and I wasn't able to return the new bag. Still took the new bag on the trip and it did it's job. Except this time I didn't get my epic pics/vids. This is why I rated the bag 4 stars.