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700 bottle!!

Loving my new Twist Bottle 700!!

Great bag, but doesn't fit anywhere on my bike...

I love the Fidlock mechanisms and have two bottle holders that work flawlessly. Regarding this bag, I have no problems with the bag itself and it is well designed, but the way the Fidlock mounts are oriented, it doesn't fit anywhere on my bike (large Lauf Seigla). I tried to fit it as a top tube bag in both possible orientations, but that's a no-go because of how the mounting bracket is oriented. It also doesn't fit well in either of my bike cage unfortunately, it won't have a home on my bike. I'd love to see Fidlock move the mounting bracket on the bag itself, because it could be a killer top-tube bag. Being able to easily take the bag off the top tube (with valuables inside) would put this bag above all the other screw-mounted top tube bags on the market.

TWIST Replacement bottle 590 (bottle only)

Does the job

Probably will put some zip ties on later when the straps wear out or strech.


Coolest water bottle for mtb.


It rattles and makes quite a lot of noise on my gravel bike, used it once then took it off & the opening could be a little bit bigger too

Vacuum system

I enjoy the whole vacuum line, they are very intuitive to attach and remove, the holding strength is deceptively strong.

Great product with one caveat

I had to unscrew my base to make it fit better in my frame and wasn't as easy as the bottles. Still amazing quality. I wish there was a smaller one (for a gopro+extra battery).

TWIST Replacement bottle 450 (bottle only)

Finally a secure bottle system to fit my XS Liv Embolden. Thank you!

Great Bottle

Great concept, wanted to buy the hip pack but just too expensive..

Love this product

Ok so starting with the bad.
Bad thing one is now I have to buy a bunch of these for all my cameras.

Ok now the good. This makes me not need as many cameras most of the time and it also makes it super fast to swap cameras from worn to any other mount. Though go back to the bad where I need more so I have the ease of swapping stuff around.
The other cool thing is you can buy just the base mounts so you can add them to all kinds of things. I will be picking up a few more kits and the bases for sure and already have friends sold on them too.

Hey Paul,

We are so glad to hear that your experience with the Pinclip Action Cam Mount has been good! We appreciate your feedback and support.

Wanted a smaller bottle

I ordered this to have a slightly smaller bottle that would fit in my frame better. It works correctly and I’ve had no problems

Haven't used it yet

How can I review the bottle if I have not used it yet? I know I would already like to see a left-handed twist release for it. It's just the right size too. My bike will look cool with it on and clean with it off.

Hey Tim,

Thanks so much for the 4 stars! We recently added a Left-Turn Connector that is compatible with any of our TWIST bottles. Once you get it, just switch out the current Bottle Connector for the Left-Turn one and you're set.

Here is the link for that:

Best bottle for in line suspension!

Great concept but needs improvement

I really like my fidlock bottle but it would be better if you were able to choose between right and left release instead of just right side release. I prefer left side release. But like so many companies you get the same response that either it's coming one day or not available for the US market.

Hey Larry,

Thanks so much for the support! We love hearing feedback and always strive to provide innovation.

The Left-Turn connector is now available on our webstore for purchase in the US. You will not need to buy a new bottle/set but instead you just switch out the connectors. I'm attaching the link below!

TWIST bike base
Eddie Hernandez
Fidlock is the best!

Honestly best product ever I am trying to add them to all my bikes and my girlfriends bike as well. I recommend this to all of my friends. Thank you guys for everything

Hey Eddie,

We really appreciate the support and are happy to hear that you and your girlfriend have enjoyed the product so much.

Keep an eye out for new stuff coming soon!

TWIST bike base
Greg Rajkovic
Amazing, Innovative and Clean

Fidlock delivered a solution to a problem that I didn't realize existed. I often rode without water bottles based on the simple fact that I never used them often because their positioning is inconvenient. I find myself asking "which way to I remove this" based on which bike I am on, and find myself "cramming" them into the cages if I am done taking a drink while riding. For shorter trips, like around town to the gym or for shopping errands, having water bottles with is unnecessary for me. This solution gives a very clean look to the bike in the instances where I do not need a water bottle, and offers a very convenient way to remove and reattach bottles when I do. I have adopted this system for four bikes I use on the road. It's just perfect.

All of the reviews and personal stories I have heard about Fidlock have been true. This is worth the investment if you want water bottle accessibility perfection and place value on having a clean-looking bike.

Hey Greg,

We love to hear stories like this!

We strive to make sure that we are providing value to all of our users and fixing any problems they may encounter outdoors. If you have the chance, feel free to send over your address to and we would love to get you a free T-Shirt!

I love this product. It holds a lot more water and looks great on my gravel bike. It does take some getting used to returning the bottle back but once you get it, it’s a cinch!

Doesn't grip handle bars effectively

I really like the product. The phone case and mount mechanism works flawlessly. However when it comes for the mount stay sturdy on the handle bars it fails. The mount comes with three different options for installing it handle bars. Two of them were too small for my mountain bike. Probably work better for a road bike. The third option comes with zip ties and that keeps rotating downwards when I ride. I am going to return it for the version that installs on the stem and hope that one is sturdy.

I tried reaching the support team 5 days ago, to get an authorization for return and haven't heard back yet. Since this is what their return policy says:
"All returns must include the original order number to be processed. Returns will only be processed with a return request. Do not ship returns without authorization, they will be returned to sender."

Hey Mayur,

We appreciate your feedback and support!

It was great to be able to chat and figure out a solution for you. We hope that the new base is a better fit for you!

TWIST single bottle 600

Update soon plz

Need S24 ultra case. Please make soon. Can't use phone mount until updated

Pricey, but the best

I use the large bottle exclusively but I changed to a coil shock. The coil ended up banging into the bottle and damaging it. I ordered the smaller bottle but like an idiot threw out the old bottle AND the connector. Didn't realize they were separate. But still willing to pay for it because its the cleanest and most efficent way to carry water on an MTB.